Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Grandma In Stock

Name: Taylor Haynes
Age 73
Price: $00.27
WARNING: Talks to much, is too short, a child molestor, can bearly walk, loves to be on the computer all the time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Product in Stock

Are you tired of your grandma falling all the time and having no one to help her up? Well you need our new product its called....

Life Alert will help you if your grandma falls and has nobody to help her up.
grandma not included with the life alert

Get Your Psycho-Rude Grandma Half Off

Name: Georgina Hornman
Age: 107
Original Price:$60.99 Now: $21.81
Warning: Has Lfe Alert, Has lots of siezures and strokes, loves to flick people off, and bites other grandma's.

Get Your Child Molestor Grandma Today

Name: Maria Manson
Age: 87
Price: $52.11
Warning: May go Crazy and run around naked on her birthday March 27. Also upsest with grandma scooters and crazy for knitting.

Clearance Sale

Name: Agitha Monroe
Age: 90
Original Price: $40.00 cut to $7.99
no refunds